1st March 2018

Melbourne’s Most Meaningful Family Portrait Photography

Family Portraits: The Emotional Gift
Looking for a truly special gift that will really continue to give to your family for years and years to come? One that will provide a powerful emotional uplift not just at the moment it’s received, but every time it’s seen or thought about?

For the birthday, anniversary or another special occasion this year, don’t opt for the usual gift certificate or night out at a restaurant or bracelet or necktie – get a gift that will truly matter and involves the entire family… fantastic family portraits!



A Truly Special Gift
Family portraits aren’t just a one-time gift that gets forgotten about by the next day or covered in dust after a few months. They even gratify uniquely both instantly and over the long term.

During a Sand Castle Portraits family session, you won’t have any of the awkwardness or discomfort you probably associate with photo shoots. Instead, your family will come together and enjoy spending time together in a place you all love. You’ll joke, talk, play and otherwise interact in just the ways you already enjoy in a fun environment as I capture the magic without dictating poses or actions.

Then, once the session is over and the photos have been processed, we’ll go over them together to find the individual images and displays that your family will love to show in their home for a long, long time. Whether through a personally delivered and installed wall portrait, a digital album or more traditional framed pictures, parents and siblings will adore these moments for as long as they have them and will cherish those happy times spent together every time they see them.

All it takes to get started is a quick phone call or email to get quotes and organise an initial meeting. To learn more and contact me today, see Sand Castle as part of the Five Castles Portraits.

Melbourne's Most Meaningful Family Portait Photography

Your beautiful family, at a beautiful park, on a beautiful portrait, full of beautiful love

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