18th June 2018

“I can’t believe I waited so long!”: Overdue Family Portraits in Melbourne

What people mean the most to you in your life – what people do you think about most, confide in most, know the most about and trust to know the most about you? Is it your coworkers? Your friends? Your neighbours? Your dry cleaners? I think you get where I’m going with this!
You wouldn’t need a full second to have the true answer to that question: your family. Sure, some of the above people may be like family in some ways, but none of them are your blood, the people who know you like the back of their hands. (Well, maybe your closest friends do!)


If it’s been a long time since you’ve done something special to commemorate your love of family, to show your parents, siblings, children, spouse, or other members how you really feel about them, maybe you too are overdue for family portraits, and Melbourne’s best is here to help remedy that!

The bond between families may not change over time, but families do change over time. Kids grow up, more kids are born, elders get older, looks change, and on and on. If you don’t take a moment to stop and look at your loved ones, the next thing you know you’ll barely recognize them.

Family portraits are the best way to keep up, and you can do it right here in Melbourne. Here at Five Castles Portraits, I go through great lengths to make sure that my family portraits are like no other Melbourne family portrait photographer’s. I capture your family as your family really is, not how I think they should look. With candid shots in meaningful locations and no unnatural posing, my sessions will provide portraits that you can hold on to, look back at, and really remember what your family was like then – and appreciate who they are to you now. You won’t believe you’ve waited this long, but don’t wait any longer! Contact me today and we’ll talk about what to expect in a free introductory consultation.

Arek Rainczuk

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