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Melbourne's Most Meaningful
Pet Photography

Those of us with pets understand the strong bond that can form between a human and their
animal companions. Whether you have dogs, cats, horses, birds or any combination of furry
or feathered friends, our professional pet portrait photography will capture their individual
personality, the true essence of your special relationship and express your unique story
through captivating imagery that lasts a lifetime.

Why we love pets

Pets bring out our best

People come to us because they love their pet. We love pets too! They’re part of the family;
loyal confidantes who make you laugh, smile and cry – sometimes all at once! And while we
admire the majesty of horses, appreciate the complex personalities of cats and are
entertained by the antics of the winged variety, we are unashamedly dog people; they’re just
our kind of people!

What we do

Melbourne's most meaningful pet portrait photography

Creating custom pet portraiture that will be treasured by you and your family for generations to come is our specialty. We are passionate about capturing your pet in an original, creative and natural way, then transforming these images into beautiful and artistic heirlooms that will become cherished pieces of your family’s history.

What makes us different

“Meaningful” in name and nature

We take our promise of delivering Melbourne’s Most Meaningful Pet Portrait Photography very seriously. Arek, our principal photographer (and principal animal lover!), takes the time to get to know you, your best friend and your story. It’s this connection that leads to a stress-free, enjoyable experience for all and results in stunning portraits.

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The Experience

Planning for best results

The process of creating original photographic art that best reflects your beloved pet requires your input as well as the insights and intuition of the photographer. Planning together ensures that the right combination of elements comes magically together on the day of the shoot: the lighting and environment; the mood; and interaction of the subjects.


In-person discovery session

Your experience starts with a discovery session at our pet-friendly gallery. We’ll get to know your best friend and decide together whether an intimate session at the studio or active outdoor shoot would best suit them. We’ll also discuss logistics – dates, weather, preparation and what to bring on the day. You’ll be able to view our pet portrait gallery, discuss display options for your home and photographic packages on offer.


The big day!

Whether in the studio or on location, we make sure that the experience on the day is enjoyable for all. There is no rushing, no awkward posing or forcing your pet to do something they don’t want to do.

If the shoot is taking place in our pet-friendly studio, all distractions will be removed to ensure we capture images of your pet’s unique personality when they are happy and relaxed.

All outside shoots are planned to take advantage of the environmental conditions. We work only when the light is best – early in the morning or late in the afternoon. We also use studio lights to create epic images of you and your pet with an awe-inspiring landscaped backdrop.


Time for the premiere

Within a few days of your portrait session, we’ll present a slideshow of the images on our big screen in the gallery (and supply tissues if you need them as these sessions can get a tad emotional!). We’ll discuss each portrait in detail, exploring composition and mood, and how the different aspects of your pet’s personality have shone through.

Once you’ve selected your favourites, we’ll help you envision the finished artwork by displaying it to scale on a computerised image of your chosen wall.

Presentation of your portraits

Photographic art for a lifetime of memories

We arrange the printing of your portraits to the highest standards to give you a lifetime of priceless memories that won’t fade with time. Choose from our wall art range or designer portfolio range to best display your prints.

Wall art range

Adorn your favourite wall

Our wall art range includes timeless, gallery-wrapped canvasses; glare-free framed prints; and amazing, floating metal prints. Wall art solutions can also be customised to your specifications. Choose your wall art as a standalone portrait or a series of prints that tell a story in sequence. We’ll help you match your photographs with the right product to complement the décor of your house.

Designer Portfolio range

Your trove of photographic treasures

Our designer portfolio range is printed on the highest quality, museum-grade art paper. Its timeless and exquisite look is complemented by our beautiful designer box holding 20 prints, featuring velvet inner lining, leather-like trim and a glass window that lets you peek inside or use the box for presentation.

Price options

A timeless investment

Our creative fee is only $200, including the photographic session and all consultations.

Print prices vary depending on size and presentation options selected.

Wall portraits from $250.

Designer portfolio prints from $150.


What some of our happy clients say...


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Five Castles Portraits

0467 676 205

Your Questions Answered


I’ve received a gift certificate. What do I need to do?

First of all, congratulations! That means someone really wanted to give you a priceless experience because they know how much you love your pet. Everything is already taken care of – simply call us on 0467 676 205 or head to fivecasltes.com.au/gift to learn more.


What are your qualifications?

Arek almost got his PhD in molecular biology, but that’s another story;-). Photographically speaking, he “saw the light” many years ago and eventually turned his passion into a business with the establishment of Five Castles Portraits in early 2011. Since then Arek has been awarded an Accreditation in Professional Photography by the AIPP, is the recipient of numerous professional photography awards and has received an Associationship in Professional Photography.

Despite his many industry accreditations and awards, Arek believes his best qualification is his passion for his creative artwork that brings happiness and long-lasting memories to people the world over.


Can we include our children too?

Yes, your children are most welcome; however, they’d probably have more fun in our Sand Castle, where we focus on children and include family pets.



Your Questions Answered


How long will it take? Life is hectic…

We work around your schedule. After-hours appointments are available two evenings a week and most of the outdoor sessions are held on weekends. However, we can also cater to special timeframes to fit into your other life commitments.

Consultation sessions usually last between one and two hours, and we encourage you to book early as these sessions are usually scheduled several weeks ahead.

If you have a special occasion coming up and need your pet portraits in a hurry, we can organise everything in as quickly as 10 days, from the first phone call to artwork ready for collection.

Q:5 Do we really need to come for the initial consultation?

Yes, unless there are special considerations. Our discovery appointments last about one hour and are an important part of the planning process to ensure you get the outcome you desire.

Q:6 What if my dog doesn’t like men/ people in hats?

That’s ok, and that’s why we love to meet them at the discovery session. As a true “dog person”, you’ll be surprised at how quickly dogs warm to Arek. But just to be sure, we also take precautions to keep everyone safe.



Your Questions Answered

Q:7 What if it rains?

We either reschedule, move to the studio or brave it out. Rain can make for most stunning portraits, especially if we use our special lights!

Q:8 What if my dog isn’t well trained and doesn’t want to “cooperate” on the day of the shoot?

As a professional, Arek is highly experienced at capturing pets simply being themselves. If that means lying flat out or running around checking everything out, that’s just fine. However, if your dog isn’t good at the recall, then we probably should stick to the studio.

Q:9 What are the payment options?

We accept MasterCard, Visa and cash. We also offer easy payment plans that allow you to enjoy your portraits while paying off the balance (conditions apply).

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