Custom photography for personal trainer: The PEKS Project

8 January 2019

The LinkedIn world is small, so when Jakob enquired about commissioning me to do custom photography for his new website because I came recommended I wasn't that surprised. I loved photographing his mother some months ago during a TEDx Melbourne event where she spoke, we really connected then and she sent him straight to me as soon he was ready.

Jakob is in the navy and works there as a trainer- helping the sailors get and stay in shape. He loves what he does so much he decided to bring his passion and expertise to civilians and needed expert help to bring his vision to reality. He thought it all through, got the branding sorted, got someone to do his website then came the time to sort out the photography. It is the crucial part of every digital marketing strategy, it helps to show the USP, business' values, the process, the experience offered and introduce key personnel. In Jakob's case, it also was needed for impactful ads and eye-grabbing social media presence.

Jakob-002 copy
Jakob-019 copy

When we met to discuss his vision and needs I quickly discovered that for best results he needed a strong copy, to both efficiently communicate his ideas and help Google send him the right audience. On my recommendation, he quickly engaged Julie and Bruce Pearce from Content Services Melbourne and they got him sorted in no time. The copy came in extremely handy when planning the shoot as we were able to identify the sections on his website that needed photography and allowed us to conceptualise the most effective photograph to support each paragraph.

Some of the things I loved the most about working with Jakob were his work ethic, discipline and willingness to hear out and take advise. Here are some of the key portraits that you can find on his brand new website.

Photography on a website should be custom, creative and impactful- photos are the first things the visitors see when on the page and create the first impression. Businesses, especially in the service industries, that deal with people need photography that helps those people connect and envision working with said business, gone are the days where you can fill the page with generic stock images that don't reveal anything about what you stand for or what you have in store for your clients.

I help organisations get the most out of their digital presence by creating tailored photography portfolios, find out more by visiting the Business Castle by Five Casltes Portraits.

Arek Rainczuk, APP