Family Portrait of the Year 2018

15 January 2019

It's been so hard to choose the one portrait I am the proudest of, and that is the most meaningful to the family...
I've had the pleasure of photographing so many lovely families last year and have taken a lot of amazing portraits for them, Some were just beautiful, some the family absolutely loved, some captured their relationships and others were technically perfect... But, the one that I think should define my 2018 needs all of that and more!

I had to come up with certain criteria: it had to be the whole family (I may post my favourite mother and child or father and son portrait of the year in the future), I need to be happy with the technical aspects (the lighting, composition and the rest), the family needed to love it and order a print of it, it had to reveal something special about them and be absolutely meaningful to them.

After many sleepless nights and deliberations, I narrowed my selections to 3 contenders:

Kelly Failla-87 copy 2

The Faillas at their farm on the tractor.

Soles-4 copy

The soles happy as a spring morning sun, just glowing...

Bek Turner-090 copy 2

But the winner is:

The Turners at their dream property huddled together around a massive campfire.


Here's what they wrote for me:

"What an amazing experience and adventure we have shared with you Arek.

Thank you for capturing the essence of our family.

We truly do appreciate you sharing the joy that our dream block brings our family.

We had a lovely time with you during our shoot and our kids had so much fun."

I love creating the most meaningful portraits for my families, I begin by taking the time and getting to know them, sharing ideas and planning their experience before going the extra mile for them.

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