Pet castle Portraits

Melbourne's Most meaningful pet portrait photography studio

We help you celebrate the pet you love the most in the world

Pet Castle represents the safe and cozy place you're most likely to find your pet. We're dog people and can litrally speak their language. We know how to make them comfortable infront of the camera, how to get their ears up and head tilted, but also what it is about them that you love so much.

Our signature pet studio portrait sessions are about removing distractions and focusing on intimate, insightful portraits of your dog, while our adventurous outdoor dog photography experiences are about celebrating the majesty of your dog's movement, the beauty of their run and how they interact with the environment.

We begin your experience by getting to know you and your pet, listening to your story and your ideas to plan a perfect pet photo session in the melbourne area or our studio. We love photographing loving dog at their humans' properties, or their favourite parks in around Melbourne, alternatively we have some amazing locations around Mt. Dandenong and Belgrave that we'd love to take you to.

Don't hesitate to call us today on 0467676205 to start your dog's Portrait experience with Arek.