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Portraits in Motion introduction

I'm developing a new and unique product for entepreneurs with a message to put out there. A fusion of cinematography, photography and meaningful stroytelling, it's hard to describe... I called it "A portrait in motion".

I'm looking for 2 people to include in my portfolio before this product is finalised, perfected and fully-priced.

If you'd like to be considered please fill an application today.

Now you're ready to watch these

so you get a flavour of what I have in mind

My inspiration and aspiration

I've been scouring the YouTubes and Vimeos for something that matched my vision for a meanigful, cinematic interview I had in mind.

This beautiful Irish Whiskey commerical is the closest thing I found. I love everything about it and aspire to be creating something like this for my clients... with my twist and reflecting their individual needs, of course.

Joanne, a portrait in motion.

my first attempt...

This was just a practice piece, I secretely filmed Joanne during her personal branding photography session at my studio, and asked her a few questions towards the end, it wasn't preplanned at all...
Since then I've upgraded my audio equipment, lights and editing skills.

I have 2 more practice shoots scheduled before you, and I keep getting closer to my vision...


So what do you have in mind for me?

For you, my friend, I have something special in mind. Based on your application and a consultation we'll develop an idea that reflects you, your values and your business' mission. Something that will work for you and that will bring you a tremendous value, and something that will let me build an interesting portfolio of work.

What's involved in the process?

First you need to complete the application below, I'll consider all entries and contact you to dicuss more shortly after. If your application is successful I'll send you a proper offer and an invoice for $500, pay it before the EOFY for those tax incentives :) We'll schedule in a proper Zoom planning call, book a time for the shoot, decide on the location and work on the script, and take it from there. Shortly after the shoot you'll have your own Portrait in Motion to use in your marketing efforts.

How are you going to be selecting the successful applicant?

I'll be considering if I can create a Portrait in Motion that matched my vision for them. The industry, set of values, possible location and types of shots will be taken under consideration. I want to make sure that I challenge myself, create a varied portfolio but also do the best by them.

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